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Rubber Hand Gloves For Chemical Industry

The two principle sorts of Rubber Hand Gloves for Chemical Industry are exam and careful each with a specific capacity. These gloves are additionally assigned by their material Nitrile, vinyl and latex. To make choosing the correct medicinal glove considerably additionally intriguing they are likewise accessible in powdered, non-powdered, clean, no sterile, finished, and covered. We should separate it. Broadly useful Rubber Hand Gloves are most ordinarily utilized via parental figures and medicinal services specialists to shield themselves from defilement amid an examination or technique. These can likewise utilized as a part of the home to tidy up family unit spills and pet chaotic heaps, planting or notwithstanding while changing the oil in the auto. Rubber Hand Gloves for Chemical Industry are minimal effort and decent to have within reach when unsanitary circumstances emerge.

Rubber Hand Gloves For Chemical Industry Features:

1. Chemical Resistance: The primary feature of these gloves is their resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, and various other hazardous substances. This resistance ensures that the gloves act as a barrier, preventing the chemicals from coming into contact with the skin.

2. Material: These gloves are typically made of high-quality rubber or latex materials. Nitrile rubber gloves are commonly used as they offer excellent chemical resistance and are less likely to cause allergies compared to latex gloves.

3. Thickness: The gloves are available in different thicknesses, ranging from thin disposable options for lighter chemical use to thicker, heavy-duty gloves for more aggressive chemical handling.

4. Length: Depending on the task and level of protection required, the gloves may come in different lengths. Some gloves cover only the hand and wrist, while others extend up to the forearm or beyond, providing additional protection to the lower arm.

5. Grip: Textured or patterned surfaces on the glove's fingers and palm enhance grip and dexterity, enabling users to handle objects safely and efficiently, even in wet or oily conditions.

6. Comfort and Flexibility: Good-quality chemical-resistant gloves are designed to be comfortable and flexible, allowing for ease of movement and reducing hand fatigue during extended wear.

7. Cuff Design: The cuffs of the gloves are designed to prevent chemical splashes from entering the gloves from the top, ensuring that the user's hand and forearm remain protected.

8. Sizes: These gloves come in various sizes to ensure a proper fit for different individuals, which is essential for maintaining comfort and dexterity while working.

9. Puncture and Tear Resistance: The gloves are engineered to resist punctures and tears, providing added durability and reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals due to glove damage.

10. Compliance: Rubber hand gloves for the chemical industry should comply with relevant safety standards and certifications to ensure their effectiveness and quality. For example, they may need to meet standards set by regulatory bodies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States or similar agencies in other countries.
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Industrial Rubber Hand Gloves

Price: 170 INR
  • Size:L, M
  • Usage:Industrial Use
  • Color:Orange
  • Material:Latex
Product Image (dsc-6325)

Latex Rubber Gloves

Price: 60 INR
  • Material:Latex
  • Disposable:No
  • Color:Red
Product Image (VI )

Black Color Rubber Hand Gloves

Price: 100 INR/Pair
  • Disposable:No
  • Material:Latex
  • Size:XL, L
  • Usage:Gardening
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (VI 07 )

Chemical Hand Gloves

Price: 100 INR
  • Usage:Household Electrical Appliances, Gardening, Cleaning, Pet Care
  • Color:Sky Blue
  • Material:Nitrile
Product Image (VI 08)

Rubber Hand Gloves for Chemical Industry

Price: 100 INR/Pair
  • Material:Latex
  • Product Type:Gloves
  • Color:Green
  • Pattern:Dotted
  • Size:M, XL, L
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (vi )

Chemical Resistant Rubber Hand Gloves

Price: 140 INR
  • Color:Green
  • Product Type:Gloves
  • Disposable:No
  • Material:Latex
  • Style:Full Finger

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